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Inter-County Teams Competition 2017

The Inter-County Teams Competition was our last event of the year and pitted Lancashire vs Cheshire and Merseyside vs Greater Manchester to decide who is top county for 2017. The teams were selected from the County competitions at 7 different age groups and levels. This year Cheshire and Merseyside were the overall champions; congratulations to the team and to Ema Doherty, Team Manager.


The individual competitions were decided as follows:

Level 6 aged 8   Greater Manchester

Level 6 aged 9   Cheshire and Merseyside

Level 5 aged 9   Greater Manchester

Level 5 aged 10 Cheshire and Merseyside

Level 4                 Lancashire

Level 3                 Cheshire and Merseyside

Level 2                 Greater Manchester


Inter-County Teams Competition