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2018 NW WTC Handbook Issued

The 2018 North West WTC Handbook is now available for download.


A couple of things to note:

The WTC have not yet issued the National Handbook as yet. When it is issued we may need to revise our handbook.

The prices have not risen for a number of years and we have increased the entry fees by £5 for all competitions. This brings us into line with other Regions. We have also increased the entry fees by a further £5 where we have the added professionalism when Gymdata are used for scoring.

Compulsory 5 has added split jumps in the Range and Conditioning.

The requirements for Voluntary 5 will be reviewed after Grades is complete.

All competitions in 2018 will have online entry and music upload through the BG system. The entry forms are linked from the events on this website. County Grades Competitions are online now.

Look forward to seeing you at WTC competitions in 2018.


Women's Artistic Handbook