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Cheshire and Merseyside Regional and Club Grades

A total of 204 gymnasts took part in the Cheshire and Merseyside grades competition on 10th/11th February 2018 in Wigan. Altogether, we had 86 distinctions, 93 commended passes and 24 passes. These are the children selected for the Cheshire and Merseyside team for the NW finals on 18th March;


Grade 6 (in age);

Elizabeth Jones – Warrington

Poppy Knowles – Warrington

Aeryn Yee – Liverpool

Stacey Chikate – The Wire


Grade 5 (in age);

Iris Lowton-Holland – Warrington

Keira McGuigan – Warrington

Saffron Rietdyk-Donohue – Liverpool

Helena Berridge – The Wire


Grade 4;

Sofia Gatti – Wirral

Emma Morris – The Wire

Emmie Holcroft – The Wire

Daisy Graham – Warrington


Grade 3;

Ella Owens – Liverpool

Mia Platt – Gymfinity

Ellie Schwarze – Warrington

Philippa Meachin – Hartford


Grade 2;

Kerry Gillies – Gymfinity

Rhea Carless – Hartford

Ella Gaskill – Hartford

Hannah Millington – Liverpool


Grade 1;

Megan Ruth Smith – Warrington

Daisy Clayton – Warrington

Olivia Souther – Warrington

Elena Sheehy – Penketh


The full results can be downloaded here

Cheshire and Merseyside Regional and Club Grades 2018