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NDP, IDP and Disability Finals 2022

We had 22 partnerships represented the North West team to compete in the NDP, IDP and Disability Finals competition at Fenton Manor over the weekend of 14th May / 15th May. 

Medal Winners:

  • 1st place Grade 1 Mixed Pair – Jenson and Seren (Gymfinity)
  • 1st place Grade 2 Women’s Pair – Hollie and Marie (ABC)
  • 1st place Grade 2 Men’s Group – Noah, Joe and Jack (Gymfinity)
  • 1st place IDP1 Women’s Pair – Yasmin and Charlotte (Gymfinity)
  • 2nd place Grade 1 Women’s Pair – Daisy and Amelia (Eclipse)
  • 2nd place Grade 4 Women’s Pair – Erica and Scarlett (Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy)
  • 2nd place Youth Mixed Pair – Eddie and Layla (Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy)
  • 2nd place Grade 5 Women’s Pair – Eva and Lauren (Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy)
  • 2nd place Grade 5 Mixed Pair – Joseph and Grace (Acronova)
  • 2nd place IDP1 Men’s Pair – Adam and George (Acronova)
  • 2nd place IDP2 Women’s Group – Charlotte, Hannah and Emma (Hope)
  • 3rd place Grade 3 Women’s Pair – Ashley and Imogen (ABC)
  • 3rd place Grade 3 Mixed Pair – Alfie and Maisie (Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy)
  • 3rd place Grade 3 Men’s Pair – Robert and Alfie (City of Lancaster)
  • 3rd place Grade 3 Women’s Group – Isobel, Ellie-Rose and Lola (Hope)
  • 3rd place Youth Women’s Group – Emily, Mae and Claudia (Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy)
  • 4th place Grade 2 Men’s Pair Dylan and Oliver (city of Lancaster)
  • 4th place Grade 2 Women’s Group Daisy, Eva and Eva (Hope)
  • 4th place Grade 4 Women’s Group Holly, Darcey and Rosie (Hope) 
  • 5th place IDP1 Women’s Group Beth, Erin and Roni (Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy)
  • 6th place Grade 4 Mixed Pair Louis and Clara (Eclipse)
  • 8th place Grade 5 Women’s Group Katey, Aleesha and Erin (ABC) 


Team: Jenson and Seren, Daisy and Amelia, Hollie and Marie, Eva, Daisy and Eva, Isobel, Ellie-Rose and Lola